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Do I Need a Lawyer to Get My Driver’s License Back After It Was Revoked?  

Posted on in Driver's License Reinstatement

crystal lake drivers license reinstatement lawyerIn Illinois, a conviction for drunk driving, drag racing, leaving the scene of a crash causing injury or death, or a felony offense involving a motor vehicle is punishable by driver’s license revocation. If someone’s driver’s license is revoked, driving any car for any reason becomes illegal.

To get your license back after it is revoked, you must attend a Secretary of State hearing and prove that you have taken all the required measures. The actions you must take depend on many factors, including the results of your drug and alcohol evaluation. Many people wonder whether they need a lawyer to reinstate their license after it is revoked. While Illinois law does not require that you be represented by a lawyer during your reinstatement hearing, there are many reasons why retaining a lawyer is a good idea.

Benefits of Working With a Lawyer During Driver’s License Reinstatement

Every person has the right to handle the license revocation process on their own, without legal support and representation from an attorney. However, this can be a very risky choice for several reasons. Getting your license back after it was revoked because of a DUI or other criminal offense is no simple matter. You must demonstrate to the Secretary of State hearing officer and/or representative that you will not drunk drive or commit any other dangerous offenses if given your license back. You must also prove that you completed all the steps required by the Secretary of State, such as DUI Risk Education classes or substance abuse treatment. Failure to do so will result in a denial.

Your lawyer can help you by:

  • Explaining exactly what you must do to qualify for driver’s license reinstatement

  • Providing phone numbers and other resources you need to get started

  • Answering all of your questions honestly so you know what to expect

  • Obtaining your driving record, criminal record, drug, and alcohol use history, and explaining how these factors affect your chances of regaining driving privileges

  • Making sure you have everything you need before the hearing such as proof of treatment and other paperwork

  • Providing legal advice and guidance regarding restricted driving permits and other permits that may give you partial driving privileges 

  • Helping you prepare for the hearing by practicing your answers to common reinstatement questions

  • Representing you during the reinstatement hearing and advocating on your behalf in front of the Secretary of State

Contact a Crystal Lake Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer

If you lost your license because of a DUI or another offense, contact Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC - Illinois Driver's License Reinstatement Lawyers for help. Our McHenry County driver’s license reinstatement attorneys can help you prepare for the reinstatement hearing or even attend the hearing with you. Call 779-800-2268 for a confidential consultation.



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