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How Can I Reinstate a Revoked Driver’s License in Illinois?

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Illinois driver's license reinstatement attorneyThere are many reasons a person could lose their driving privileges. For example, a driver’s license can be suspended or revoked for a DUI charge or conviction, but other offenses could also result in a suspension or revocation. Typically, more serious traffic offenses result in a revocation instead of a suspension. For example, if you cause the death of another person while driving, you will likely be subject to a license revocation. The process of reinstating your license once it has been revoked can be lengthy, but it is possible to do.

Steps to Reinstate a Revoked Driver’s License

In the case of a suspension, a person can lose driving privileges for a specified period of time, the length of which is determined by the crime. For example, a chemical test refusal during a DUI arrest constitutes a six-month suspension for first-time offenders. A revocation, on the other hand, means your driving privileges will be taken away, and a date will not be set for the end of the revocation period. In order to reinstate a revoked driver’s license, you will have to go through a series of steps:

  1. Undergo a Drug or Alcohol Evaluation and Attend an Education Program: Before you can get your license back, you will likely be required to submit to an evaluation for drug and alcohol dependency or misuse. If the evaluator finds that you do have an issue with drugs or alcohol, you will need to seek treatment and obtain proof of that treatment. You will also have to attend remedial education for drug or alcohol issues, even if you were not found to need treatment.

  2. Request a Secretary of State Hearing: If this is the first time you have had your license revoked, you can have your license reinstated by attending an informal hearing at a Driver Services location. If this is the second or subsequent time that you have had your license revoked, you will have to request and attend a formal hearing. Formal hearings only take place at four different locations across the state: Chicago, Springfield, Mt. Vernon, and Joliet. Requesting the formal hearing requires a $50 non-refundable deposit. Hearings function similarly to trials; you will have the opportunity to present your case that you do not pose a threat to the public if you were to have your license reinstated.

  3. Show That You Have Car Insurance: Before you will have your license reinstated, you must file proof of insurance and financial responsibility with the Secretary of State.

  4. Pay the Required Fees: The reinstatement fee to get your license back is $500, but you will also be responsible for any filing fees and application fees that you incur. Lastly, you must also complete the driver’s exam by taking the written exam, the road test, and the vision test.

Contact a McHenry County Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer

If you have had your driver’s license suspended or revoked, you should discuss your situation with a knowledgeable Algonquin, IL driver’s license reinstatement attorney. The team at Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC - Driver's License Reinstatement Lawyers is dedicated to helping you get back on the road. To schedule a free consultation, call our office today at 779-800-2250.





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