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Preparing for Your Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing

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Winnebago County driver's license reinstatement attorney

Having your driver’s license revoked for a period of time is a common penalty for many criminal driving offenses in the state of Illinois, including driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol. This can affect your ability to get to and from work or school on a daily basis. If your license has been revoked, you might expect that it will automatically be returned to you when the revocation period ends, but this is not the case. In order to have your license reinstated, you will need to appear for an informal or formal hearing with the office of the Secretary of State and demonstrate that your driving will no longer pose a risk to public safety.

What to Expect at Your Hearing in Illinois

Informal hearings are typically reserved for first-time offenders convicted of lesser traffic violation charges, whereas repeat offenders or those who caused a fatality will likely face a formal hearing. Regardless of the type of hearing you will face, there are important steps you can take to prepare and increase your chances of reinstatement.

  1. Complete all required programs. Before reinstatement, your sentence will likely require you to complete a driver education program, and drug-related offenses may also require a drug evaluation and treatment program. Make sure that you have attended all required appointments and completed each program.

  2. Hire an attorney. It is possible to represent yourself at a hearing, but an experienced attorney can greatly increase your chances of success by sharing his or her knowledge of the reinstatement process, helping you prepare, and attending the hearing with you.

  3. Be ready to answer questions. In your hearing, the Secretary of State officer or attorney will ask you many questions about your arrest and conviction, your driving record, your use of alcohol and other drugs, and the steps you have taken to avoid further unsafe driving. Your attorney can help you practice by asking you the questions he or she knows you are likely to be given.

  4. Gather important documents. You will need to bring documents to your hearing that certify your completion of all court-ordered programs related to your conviction. For a formal hearing, you will also need to submit a request and a $50 filing fee in advance. Your attorney can help you keep track of all of these documents and have them ready for you at the hearing.

  5. Seek character references. Reinstatement hearings often require you to present letters from friends and family members who can speak to your rehabilitation and improved behavior and character. In addition, you might be asked to submit letters from people affiliated with the programs you have completed or any support programs you attend.

Contact a Barrington Lake Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer

Certain traffic violations can lead to loss of driving privileges in Illinois. If you want to ensure that your license is reinstated as soon as possible, Botto Gilbert Lancaster, PC - Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyers can help. We have experience defending clients in a variety of criminal driving offense cases, and we know how to handle the reinstatement process with efficiency and attention to detail. Contact us today at 779-800-2250 to schedule a free consultation with our Cook County driver’s license reinstatement attorneys.






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